Jibri recording for only shared screen and without any audio | Require guidance

Hello guys,

I was planning on modifying either the JVB or the Jibri source code to build the ability to record an audio-less video of ONLY the screen share for my use case i.e.

  • No recording from cameras.
  • No audio from any participants.
  • ONLY capture video (no audio) when a screen is being shared.

The need for this came up when we realised most of our users don’t care for the participants’ camera feed. The primary need for recording comes up when someone shares their screen. The hypothesis here is that we can significantly reduce the cloud recording load if we can isolate just the screen share stream.

Audio would be good, but we, for now, can suffice with Jigasi’s audio recording capability.

Has the community attempted something like this? Could someone guide me on how to implement this efficiently?
Any suggestions would be welcome.