Jibri "Recording Failed to Start"

I really hope someone is able to help. I have searched and scoured this forum for a solution to no avail. I have destroyed and rebuilt my install from scratch about a dozen times following the guides exactly and trying some tips from here on the forum, but they all end the same way. All I get is a “Recording Failed to Start” message.

Jibri log states “Error: FailedToJoinCall SESSION Failed to join the call” every time. A folder for the meeting is created in my recordings directory and the metadata file is created, so I know it’s not a permissions issue with the directory.

The Jibri browser log keeps mentioning error “Failed to read the ‘localStorage’ property from ‘Window’: Access is denied for this document.” But that seems to have no solution that I have found.

I have even installed specific versions of the Chrome browser and chromedriver that someone has shown before work.

My current setup: Jitsi and Jibri installed on same machine (VM, 4cpu, 8G ram), Java 8, Chrome 81.0.4044, Chromedriver 81.0.4044, Prosody 0.11.7, Jitsi 2.0.5076

Logs are attached. I didn’t bother changing the domain as this is just an internal test setup, not reachable from the internet. Not sure if that has anything to do with as that is the only thing I can see that is different. FQDN is resolvable internally though.

Let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help find a solution.


Thank you in advance

There are lots of instances of people running into this issue on the forum, I’d search around.

Yes I have seen all of the different reports of this issue. Many of them have gone unanswered. I have triple checked my configs based on a few reports that the issue was resolved after finding a simple typo in a file.
After reading many threads, it seems there is a fundamental issue with the way jibri handles self-signed certs.
Can you elaborate on this possible solution as this post without context makes no sense:

"You can add the CA certificate to the CA storage of the jibri’s chrome :

certutil -d sql:/home/jibri/.pki/nssdb -A -t TC -n “CAAD” -i CAAD48.crt"


FYI, I have just confirmed this is a cert issue. Using the same VM with the same settings as before, I installed a Let’sEncrypt cert using the provided script. After that, recording works just fine.

To summarize for anyone else having this issue:
Having a valid SSL cert from a trusted CA - everything works
Having just a self-signed cert - recording does not work

If anyone has a work around for the self-signed cert issue, please share as I am sure I am not the only one looking to deploy Jitsi internally without exposing it to the internet to get all the functionality.


EDIT: PS - I know this might be a Chrome issue and not inherently an issue with Jibri, but a possible workaround added to the documentation would be much appreciated.

This works internally with a self-signed certificate