Jibri recording empty Conference

Via apt is fine

It did the job, thanks a lot :smiley: Anyways do you have any clue why it installed the old version on the first hand?

61 was just promoted recently, you may have installed before it was stable.

Alright, thanks for the help.
Keep up the great work :smiley:

is this resolved? is it possible? if so how is it done?

Yes it is resolved. I just installed the newest version of jibri and it stated working. I still have no clue why i had such an old version installed but apt update followed by apt install jibri did the job

no I mean recording an empty confrence

So what i do is i send a bot (via selenium) in the conference and let him klick the start recording button
Thanks to the config the conference is now recorded long enough till the participants join

oh okay thanks, and this is run on a server or your PC. and how can anothe ruser become a moderator?

I create a swarm of jibris on a server provider since i need to record multiple sessions. Also i use a mod which make every person a moderator (but i also removed all the important buttons for my users, so that noone can’t abuse his moderator right). I posed in the forum a few weeks ago on how to do that, i’ll hook you up with a link in just a second

EDIT: Here’s the link

Thank you very much this is a quality post!