Jibri recording doesn't working when open jitsi on mobile app

we have jitsi server and jibri. when we create jitsi on web desktop or browser jibri is working. but when we open in our mobile app (IOS and Android) jibri doen’t work. why? What difference when open web browser and in mobile app? (IOS and Android)

JIbri is a server side component, the endpoint doesn’t really matter. You mean that you are unable to start recording from mobile? What error do you get?

we haven’t errors. jitsi working. but without recording. jibri working on mobile browser. but doesnt working in our mobile app. we have mobile app for Telemedicine. when we open jitsi in the mobile app jitsi is working but not jibri.

in mobile browser working great! but not in mobile app

Do you start jibri manually or automaticly?


with your script

Which script…?
Prosody module or javascript…?

Javascript works only if the client is a browser. It doesn’t work for mobile clients.

Javascript! I change to Proody module. Great working. Thank you. But I have another problem. During our conference in Jitsi 1minutes but jibri recording video 1minutes and 40 seconds. Minutes of record is longer. Why?

I’m guessing you wait for the recording to stop automatically right? Jibri stops recording after 30 seconds of inactivity. That’s why the recording is longer.

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yes. how change this function in configure? How configure stop automatically after 3 seconds of inactivity?

Thank you very much))

my next question: How I can remove red REC indicator from monitor when conference recording? I wand remove this indicator

And my jibri is working 10 minutes and ended call. Why? How long jibri must recording?

No limitation. Probably there is an issue related in low resources, audio device or media traffic. Can you watch the recorded video?

yes. with recorded video all OK!

what about this question?

Is the audio OK too for recorded video?

yes. all OK