Jibri Recording All Meet

Good morning people.

How are you ?

I would like to know your experiences using the jibri to make several recordings at the same time …

Is it really necessary to have 1 jibri server for each meet?

Would anyone have the step by step?

Thank you

1 Jibri instance for each record… This instance can be run inside a container and there can be many container on one server

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you could spin them up on demand to reduce cost, and remove them when they are not being used

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I use this service which helps me spin jibris for my jitsi calls for how long I need them.
You can check them out Jibris On Demand. https://youtu.be/HZ1tnsy7sv0


guys … I did the test with JOD … and I thought the integration was perfect. I will now test the API and see how it works!

Thank you all for the comments