Jibri - possible to use H.265?

Is it possible to use H.265 format in Jibri (instead of the current H.264)? Tried just changing the parameter, but that didn’t work. Any suggestions on how to would be appreciated.

You mean have Jibri encode in h265? That’s just a function of ffmpeg and finding the right arguments (but I don’t know them offhand).

Yes - encode in H265. I tried to replace libx264 with libx265, which should do it, but I got a file that couldn’t be opened and I noticed a huge memory spike on the server (which may or may not have been due to the change). Are parameters just passed in Jibri or are they baked into other equations?

Alternatively, do you think I might be able to get an uncompressed file from Jibri?

Hmm…mm looks like H.265 doesn’t come by default. Let me go research this some more. I’ll be back.