Jibri: passing LDAP authenticated user name to metadata.json

Dear all, I was able to pass the moderator name and email entered into the jitsi web UI to jibri via metadata.json using the mod_participant_metadata prosody module proposed by @NBJ. My jitsi server uses ldap2 authentication and it works flawlessly. I am planning to upload conference recordings to a Nextcloud instance that shares the same LDAP user database with jitsi. Is there any way to include the ldap user name that the conference creator used to authenticate in metadata.json, so that recording uploads to Nextcloud can be properly managed? Thanks for your help. Gianni

Hi Gianni, could you share with me your code for acheiving the output of moderators’displayname and email to metadata.json? I’m struggling for a while with this problem and i hope to resolve with your solution… obviously if you can!! Thanks in advance!