Jibri on local raspberry pi

Hello, now I have jitsi default install on cloud.

And I want install Jibri on my local Raspberry pi (4cpu 4GBram). It’s possible to do?

Yes it is. Thats such a wonderful experiment. How much RAM does your Pi HAVE?

4Cpu and 4Gb Ram.

It’s Raspberry pi 4 version B

Nice. You can configure Jibri on it. Just make sure you get the config.json part right …
Good luck. Can you post a video of your setup when you are done? Will be cool to watch.

Now I have jibri on GCP with 2Cpu & 2Gb Ram is fine if participant now showing their Camera.

But if someone turn on their camera, recording / live stream stop automaticaly.

I’ll try this, thank’s

I think Raspberry Pi will be very slow for jibri. This may be work with a modified ffmpeg if ffmpeg has the H264 hardware encoder/decoder support on Raspberry Pi but it didn’t support the hardware encoder/decoder when I last tried.

As an alternative TinkerBoard can be tried.

Thank’s for your reply.

I cant install jibri cause raspi with raspbian OS is use chromium not chrome browser.

jibri works with chromium too

How to config Jibri with Chromium?

apt-get --install-recommends install chromium chromium-driver

mkdir -p /etc/chromium/policies/managed

cat >/etc/chromium/policies/managed/jibri_policies.json <<EOF
  "CommandLineFlagSecurityWarningsEnabled": false