Jibri multiple Instance Configuration in AWS Instance's

I am trying to create multiple Jibri Instance in AWS Server machine to record multiple Session at a time. Did the setup based on below references.

Create multiple /home/jibri/.asoundrc files for each instance.

asoundrc.txt (520 Bytes)
asoundrc1.txt (589 Bytes)
asoundrc2.txt (589 Bytes)

Still Seeing “Recorder Resources Busy” when I try to started recording 2nd Meeting Session.


Thank You

This entry is very old and not valid for the current release

Can you please point me out to new configuration to setup multiple jibri instance in one single machine instance.

You have the Docker setup as an option but I have no idea about it.
You may also check emrah-bullseye-templates/jitsi-cluster.md at main · emrahcom/emrah-bullseye-templates · GitHub

Does the above configuration in github will work if I Install & setup Jitsi Meet and Jibri using Docker.

Current Jitsi Meet Installed in AWS Ubuntu Server without using Dockers.

Is they any way to setup Multiple Jibri Instance to setup multiple Loopbacks without using Docker.

If you mean the link I shared, it is not based on Docker.

I am not Using Docker for Jitsi Meet & Jibri Installation .

Currently I am able to record one session at a time. To record multiple session at Once which configuration changes I need to in Jibri Server.

Jitsi Meet & Jibri ruinning on the same machine.

You can’t do that on a single machine without using docker.