Jibri metadata.json

hello all
i hope you are well,
i am using jibri_autostart.lua for lunch my recording and every things works good
but for know i want to send recording info with .net api
how i can get all recording info from metadata.json file?
there is any way to do this with lua ?
there is a module for fecht recording path from meta file after recording done?

@emrah please can you help me with this , thanks in advance

What do you want to achieve? You can get the recording path in the finalize script.

i want to send recording info from lua modules

 local request_body = json.encode({
        to = stanza.attr.to;
        from = stanza.attr.from;
        kind = stanza.name;
        type = type;
        meetingId = meetingId;
        message = tostring(stanza);
        recordingDate = os.date ("%x");

like this can we get recording path here?
how we can send this info ?
can we do ?

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