Jibri memory settings, write to disk

I would like to inquire about why jibri has been occupying more memory space during recording without writing to the disk. What may be the reason for this, but is it set in jibri.yml or in the. env file

This is a common indication of jibri lacking CPU power.

The CPU is 16 cores, and it can record until around 10 minutes when 32g of memory is fully occupied

Share your ffmpeg log and jibri log to see why it stops.

And you have allocated 16 Cores just for the jibri that is running? I see you have 3 jibri instances and they use 16 Cores each?

No, my server has 16 cores and there are other services inside. I started three jibries in the Docker container, and a single jibri will overflow even after recording for half an hour. The running memory is 32g, and I don’t know why