Jibri Load Page Duration


I have up and running Jibri server on podman. My jibris are using Chrome Driver 90.

Some of my recordings get PendingTimeouts at Jicofo. While I am investigating why jibri can not start recording in 90 second (My jicofo.jibri.pending-timeout = 90 sec ), I see following log:

chrome org.jitsi.jibri.selenium.pageobjects.HomePage.log() Waited 60.5s for driver to load page

Jibri waited 1 min to load the page. But normal page load is not that much long.

How should I interpret this log?

  • My jibri instances do not have enough core ?
  • My chrome driver is too old?
  • Or any other thing?

Thanks in advance,

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IIRC, chrome v90 uses plan-B which is not supported now. You should use a newer version of Chrome which supports unified plan