Jibri / Livestream share youtube video - toolbar always visible bug in JaaS?

When I’m starting a livestream via jitsi and share a youtube video (with follow-me-mode activated), the toolbar at the bottom won’t hide. The toolbar is always visible. In regular mode, the toolbar disappear automatically after a few seconds. Is it a bug that it does not in youtube sharing mode? I’m using Jitsi-as-a-service …

It’s intentional. Sort of. We cannot track the movement inside the video so we just show the toolbar at all times while sharing a video.

That said, we can probably skip it for jibri.

Can you please open an issue on GitHub about this?

there was already an issue on github for this topic:

it seems like nobody wanted to implement/fix it :slight_smile:

That was in 2019, things change :slight_smile: