Jibri live stream getting stopped after few seconds

Hello everyone, I have installed jitsi and jibri (separate server with 8 vcpu and 20GB RAM ), when i start live streaming from jitsi-meet, jibri starts it but after few seconds it just stops the streaming. There are no errors in jibri logs but got below error in syslogs -

Jun 19 06:59:37 recorder icewm-session[14989]: 06:59:37.755: IceWM: X error X_ChangeProperty(0x600001): BadWindow (invalid Window parameter), #2102, +27, +0.
Jun 19 07:01:00 recorder systemd[1]: Stopping Jibri Process…

Am i missing something to configure here ? Please let me know if someone else has already worked on it before.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: