Jibri Lifecycle

Hi folks - have had a good look through forums (and general googling) but can’t find out info about the lifecycle of a jibri instance. I have everything working but i have to manually issue ‘service jibri restart’ before i can record or live stream. Is there some signalling from jitsi that should start the jibri service when a recording or live stream is asked for, and then spin it down again once the recording / live stream are finished and ‘return the jibri to the pool’ etc?

Most importantly i don’t want to have to hit a command line prior to every event that requires jibri. Should this be automatic or is there something i am missing? And i would have thought that jibri should auto start but it doesn’t seem to like @restart cron jobs nor any init.d i have thus far tried: seems the documentation is a little scarce - or perhaps i just haven’t found it yet…

Any advice welcome :slight_smile:

The Jibri only needs to be started up once. If you’re finding that after stopping a Jibri recording/stream you have to restart the Jibri before being able to use it again, then something is likely going wrong with cleanup. If you can post the Jibri logs from such an occurrence I might be able to tell you what’s going on.