Jibri & Jitsi Release Management

I have a question about release management in Jibri.

Jicofo and JVB has tags like:

But Jibri project does not have tags like it. Jibri’s latest tag is v8.0 and it is tagged almost 3 years ago.

In docker-jitsi-meet, I see there is a docker tag for 7648: GitHub - jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet at stable-7648-4

But I could not find which jibri.jar has been used in it.

How the Jibri release is being managed? How can I find which latest jibri commit is used in docker-jitsi-meet-stable-7648-4


Jibri is a separate release cycle from jitsi-meet (jitsi-meet-web, jicofo and jvb).
There are no tags for the releases as the version of jibri contains the git hash. The tags there like 8.0 match the major version of the packet (jibri/pom.xml at ccc727806288644737f4927deadc9e8e1fcb14b0 · jitsi/jibri · GitHub).
Latest stable release of jibri is:
This is commit ccc7278 (remove the g from version it is for git) from the repo.
Not sure how to check that for docker though. I think it is getting the latest stable at the time of the build …

Maybe @saghul can answer docker-jitsi-meet jibri.jar selection. Latest Jibri image shows his name :slight_smile:


I understand, there is no plan to include Jibri to the jitsi-meet release cycle. But can there be a supported release table maybe?
Like 7648 Jitsi Meet supports 8.0+ jibri_8.0-140-gccc7278-1_all.deb


There is rarely incompatibility with jibri as jibri is another client joining through web and if there is we try to cover those cases as people and we need to be able to upgrade the components and run in this mode for a while. So there is no point of having such a table.