Jibri is missing in Jitsi Stable Repository


I have noticed that Jibri files are missing in the Jitsi Stable Repositories (https://download.jitsi.org/stable/). However, Jibri is available in the Unstable Repositories. (https://download.jitsi.org/unstable/)

I have installed the latest stable release of Jitsi-Meet. Since Jibri files are missing in the Stable Repository, I tried installing from the Unstable Repositories. Unfortunately, when I begin recording, I get a message “All Recorders are Busy”.


You either need to use everything from unstable. Or you need to wait few days, we are planning to push new stable maybe today or tomorrow.


I tried using the Jitsi-Meet Unstable as well. Despite installing correctly, I kept getting the message “Unfortunately something went wrong” repeatedly.

I shall wait patiently. I know you guys are hard at work


Open the js console and check the error you see in the browser.


@damencho My guess is that the systemd service jvb is not passing the --host flag.
In many cases, localhost.

I’ve tested on stable and it works, but on unstable it doesn’t.


Hum, can you give me steps to reproduce? Thanks.


I filled this issue, not sure if it was the right place,


Let me explain in some detail.

I have deployed three variants of Jitsi-Meet & Jibri combinations and these are my observations.

  1. Six months back I had a fully working Installation of Jitsi Meet(Stable) & Jibri(Unstable). The Recordings were happening on expected lines and I was able to stream videos to Youtube Live
    Issues: Whenever a participant with low speed Internet joined the Conference, I faced issues like the Conference restarting with an error “Something went wrong. Reconnecting…”. However, when participants had good Internet Connectivity, the Conference was a pleasurable experience.

  2. Last week I installed the latest stable version of Jitsi-Meet(Stable) & Jibri (Unstable). Jitsi meet works better than previous editions. The Conference quality is good despite some participants having poor Internet Connectivity. The adaptation of Video resolution happens smoothly based on the Internet speeds.
    Issues: Jibri fails to record the Conference. I get the error “All Recorders are Busy”. On the server, Jibri is running but recording fails

  3. I recently tested the latest unstable version of Jitsi-Meet(Unstable) & Jibri(Unstable). The Recording happens on expected Lines and I am also able to stream the videos Live to Youtube.
    Issues: Jitsi-Meet Conference keeps failing every time a participant joins the Conference. I get the error message “Something went wrong. Trying to Reconnect…”

Final Observations: Jitsi-Meet Stable version seems to work seamlessly. Some issues with Jibri(Unstable). Jibri(Stable) seems to be missing in the Repository.

If you want me to replicate a particular scenario and post the log files, I can do it over this weekend. I am willing to contribute to your efforts.


The something went wrong issue has been fixed in the latest videobridge.

You might wanna check again.


Thank You for your response. I appreciate it.

You mean to say the issue has been fixed in the Unstable Version??


Hi @srinivas,

The latest jitsi version from the unstable repo(of Dec 21) has no issues with the connections to latest jibri (6.8.68) from the unstable repo. You might want to try those.



Thats it, unstable has nigthly builds so you get the updates with 1 or 2 days delay tops, using the repository.


I tested the Unstable Version of Jitsi-Meet with Unstable version of Jibri. Both the Recording and Live Streaming seem to be happening. However, during Recording and Live Streaming I notice that only the video of the moderator is being captured and recorded/streamed. Am I making a mistake somewhere?


Thank You Abhijit. As you mentioned, the latest Unstable Version seems to have resolved the issue “Something went wrong…”


Jibri sees what other participants see, if you see only the admin, he is the dominant speaker and stays on stage all the time.
There is also the follow me setting which you can use to control what the other participants see, this includes and jibri recording and streaming.