Jibri installation in Customized Jitsi - meet

Hi ,
We have installed Jitsi-meet in a server and installed Jibri which is working fine.

We added features to jitsi-meet code and added it in /opt/our_application[CUSTOMIZED CODE] in the same server.
And changed root /opt/our_application;
alias /opt/our_application/$1/$2;
in /etc/nginx/sites-available/ourapplication.conf file

Additional Steps followed to install jibri in our customized jitsi meet code.

In /opt/our_application/config.js
1.Enabled Toolbar Buttons.
2. Added FileRecordingsEnabled : true,
LiveStreamingEnabled : true,
hiddenRecorderDomain : ‘recorder.yourdomain’,
3.Under /opt/our_application/react/features/toolbox/components/web → Enabled Recording and Livestreaming Buttons in Toolbox.js.

We note that “Jibri” is under /opt/jitsi… But it is not under /opt/our_application.
Installed our customized code
ubuntu@connect:~$ cd /opt/our_application
ubuntu@connect:/opt/our_application$ ls
CONTRIBUTING.md android connection.js flow-typed index.ios.js manifest.json plugin.head.html static
LICENSE app.js connection_optimization fonts interface_config.js metro.config.js pwa-worker.js title.html
Makefile base.html css head.html ios modules react twa
README.md body.html debian images lang node_modules resources webpack.config.js
SECURITY.md conference.js doc index.android.js libs package-lock.json service
analytics-ga.js config.js favicon.ico index.html logging_config.js package.json sounds
base.html connection_optimization favicon.ico head.html index.html lang load-test manifest.json prosody-plugins robots.txt sounds title.html
body.html css fonts images interface_config.js libs logging_config.js plugin.head.html pwa-worker.js scripts static

ubuntu@connect:/opt/jitsi$ ls
ubuntu@connect:/etc/jitsi$ ls
jibri jicofo meet videobridge

Will copying the jibri folder from /opt/jitsi-meet to opt/our_application work?

Please guide us through the other steps on how to make Jibri work in our customized code.

Thank you.
jicofo.log (4.6 KB)
log.0.txt (17.6 KB)