Jibri Install - searching for tutorial


After 15 days triyng to enable recording and streamming for my jitsi server, searching and editing… i give up.
All videos and tutorials have many errors and inconsistencies that make impossible (to me) to put it to work. Even the https://github.com/jitsi/jibri does not explain the jibri side configuration.

Well if you know about some good tutorial that is really helpfull please let me know.

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No tutorial, but here’s an ansible role we use to deploy Jibri into our environment: https://github.com/switch-ch/jitsi-deploy/tree/master/ansible/roles/jibri that one of my colleagues wrote this week.



Thank you!
this is really helpful.

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I was finally able to get Jibri working following this tutorial.
https://nerdonthestreet.com/episode/tech/jibri-recording (video)
https://nerdonthestreet.com/wiki?find=Set+Up+Jibri+for+Jitsi+Recording%3Aslash%3AStreaming (text)

When I was following the text version, there were a few steps missing, but I just cross referenced the steps with the published Jibri installation on Github. Watching the video and following along with the text version is also recommended.

I found this tutorial after finding the one above, but also looks like it is well put together.

I hope this helps.

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I found this great one made from one user:

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