Jibri help

Hello, and thank you,

I used to be able to record from Jitsi and now I’m told I need to configure a server called Jibri. Yet nowhere can I find where to do this.

I’m not a programmer. I want to record w/Jitsi. Will someone walk through this or shoot me a PDF for no programmers? I’m on a PC. I thought I was literate, but I guess not so much.

Thanks to who can and will help.
Glen & Yolanda

Welcome to the forum.

Is this on the public instance at meet.jit.si or do you have your own Jitsi deployment? If you have your self-hosted instance, then you can follow the guide below to install Jibri:

Another option is to use local recordings - they are done by the client (the web browser) and are saved locally. No need for a jibri server in that case. If you are using meet.jit.si, you can try them there.