Jibri Gray with logo screen recording only

Hi all,

Im new in town… after reading endless manuals i figure out have my jitsi - jibri machines comunicate and start a recording (thanks to the community manuals).

Maybe its a easy thing but i havent seen the same issue reported… When i start a conference and hit record everythings seems to be working propertly… Nevertheless after 30 sec aprox the recording stops… When i see the mp4 file its only an gray screen with the jitsi logo…

Im running two DigitalOcean machines and i think is its a problem with ffmpeg or chrome driver… if someone could lead me where to look would be fantastic…

Thank u all

Here are the logs i get

log.0.txt (21.3 KB) browser.0.txt (426.3 KB) ffmpeg.0.txt (21.9 KB)


Has your kernel snd_aloop support?

lsmod | grep aloop


snd_aloop 24576 0
snd_pcm 106496 1 snd_aloop
snd 86016 3 snd_aloop,snd_timer,snd_pcm

Check strip-from-room-domain in jibri.conf. It should be "conference."

@Edgar_Osorio Keedu? :blush:

Share your Jibri.conf file. Quite likely there’s a mistake in the configuration.

You nailed … now its working

Thank you so much

Also to you @Freddie

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