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I just updated my Jitsi / Jibri setup (Docker) and now, jibri isn’t recording the focussed/dominant participant in the call anymore. I can only see the grid view in the recording.

What can I do to fix this?

Brecht Bekaert

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Having this issue as well. It used to follow the active speaker and that’s what we preferred, now after an update it’s recording in tile view. It worked in the July 1st 2020 release 1.0.4289-1 of jitsi-meet-web stable but was broken in the Sep 1st 2020 1.0.4370-1 stable release.

It’s possible it could be related to this commit related to tile view: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/commit/240b033e76a97b3ae855c1a2a056de27a7a66d27

Ooooh nice! Is this the default behavior of Jibri now? I definitely need to update my Jibri then, if it is, because THIS is what we want. :smiley: It makes sense that Jibri automatically records what’s seen on the Moderator’s screen. I’ve actually noted this before - that the previous behavior requiring the meeting host to specifically select “Everyone follows me” in order to get Jibri to record what’s seen on the host’s screen is not very intuitive and one is likely to forget to do that (it happened to me a few times). So if Jibri now automatically defaults to what’s showing on the host’s screen, this is a MAJOR improvement.

If you want it to be otherwise, I assume you can change your view (as the host) to speakerview. It should work that way, right?

It’s not Jibri related it’s a change to the jitsi-meet-web package, confirmed by downgrading without changing Jibri versions. Also, it seems stuck in tile view, unless you enable “follow me”, which has always allowed the behavior you’re describing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the ‘issue’ the OP is complaining about is that Jibri now records in tile view (which is now the default for meetings with 3 or more participants), right? So, from a logical perspective, it NOW works correctly. The way it was setup previously, Jibri was recording in speakerview even when the host was viewing tiles and the only way to remedy that was to remember to enable “follow me”. If I’m understanding what you and the OP are saying, with the update (whether of Jitsi or Jibri), it now records in tile view for meetings of 3 or more people (meaning, exactly what the host sees on screen), unless the host specifies otherwise (by selecting “follow me” and then changing their view to speakerview). If so, THIS is actually the logical and intuitive way it should work. So this update is an upgrade. :clap:t5:

For two participants it’s showing tile view, so it’s not working correctly. It’s also not following the moderator without enabling “follow me”. It’s always tile view.

Ooooooh I see.

We plan to do jitsi-meet change which jibri will not use tile view, but will leave the option to use it only if follow me is enabled. Just need to get to that one task, of course if someone beats me on it will be happy to review a PR :slight_smile: