Jibri failed to capture participants audio / video - One out of hundreds

Hello jitsers, I have a structure that, when recording is requested, i raise up the jibri machine on demand. When finishing the recording, this machine stops the jibri(gracefull stop service), uploads the recording to a bucket and dies(shutdown). This has been working really well, we have hundreds of successful recordings. However, it currently happened that a recording went without capturing audio and video of the participants for more than 30 minutes.

It’s as if jibri’s google chrome is “entering the meeting” but unable to hear anyone. According to the participants, the meeting usually took place around 1 hr, everyone listening, some sharing webcam, as usual.

I’ve already analyzed the end-to-end log, I didn’t notice anything unusual.

A few users already reported that:

When entering a room, I couldn’t hear anyone, so I clicked reload in the browser (F5) to reload the page and then I was able to hear the other participants.

My definitive question: Did the above case also happen with the “jibri user”?

jibri.txt (143.3 KB)

Printscreen of how the recording turned out for around 30 minutes


Check your JVB and Jicofo logs. Looks like there was some issue with relaying media on the bridge.

Hi Freddie! I’m going to Jicofo and JVB logs. It seems to me that the problem is not really on the jibri side. Otherwise none of the other many recordings would not have been successful.

Thank you for your reply. :hugs:

Can you share your jibri.conf
You can mask private values