Jibri Docker installation on separate VM


I am trying to scale my jibri for multiple recordings. I’m trying to install the jibri docker container from the jibri.yml present in the official docker-jits-meet repo.

But when I try to launch the container, it throws me this error

ERROR: Service "jibri" uses an undefined network "meet.jitsi"

I even updated the network in the yml file with my domain of the main server but still throws same error.

Is it possible to scale jibri using docker container on separate VMs?
or the debain package method is the only way to scale?

hai @hmharshit, you have to update jibri.yml to make it standalone. I just removed depends_on Jicofo and networks meet.jitsi. Here is my jibri.yml :

version: '3'

        image: jitsi/jibri
        restart: ${RESTART_POLICY}
            - ${CONFIG}/jibri:/config
            - /dev/shm:/dev/shm
            - SYS_ADMIN
            - NET_BIND_SERVICE
            - /dev/snd:/dev/snd
            - XMPP_AUTH_DOMAIN
            - XMPP_SERVER
            - XMPP_DOMAIN
            - JIBRI_XMPP_USER
            - JIBRI_BREWERY_MUC
            - JIBRI_LOGS_DIR
            - DISPLAY=:0
            - TZ 

Unfortunately, I still faced the issue when the second instance does recording.

Hey @Redmare, Thanks for your help! I had figured that out already.

I’m also using the multiple instances to record, all are working fine for me. But my all instances are on different VMs. I think you are using same VM to run multiple jibri instances.

@hmharshit oh, I see. That is good news.
How do you set up multiple instances are on different VMs?
My problem has been share on Multiple jibri instances on docker, the second instance unable to record video
I am stuck now, I hope you can help me to fix my issue or share your experience.
Thanks a lot.


I’ve one instance of jibri on single ubuntu server. You can create multiple servers depending on your usage. All servers(having one instance of jibri each) communicates to the one main Meet Server.

Oh, I see. Are you using AWS autoscaling to create multiple servers depending on your usage? Is it possible to use the same VM to run multiple Jibri instances using docker?

Yeah, I’m using the AWS autoscaling for the same.

I’m not sure about that. But what’s the need for having on the same VM? Multiple servers are budget-friendly, scalable, and give better performance.

Our clients are banking. So we have to deploy on a dedicated server. It’s complicated if we have to provide many dedicated servers depending on our usage.

Then have a minimum 2 or 3 dedicated small servers and then upscale & downscale based on the usage.
I’ve stumbled upon this few times and even personally tried this configuration. But if your existing infra solves your use case, then probably go for it.


I have tried this same setup and the jibri container running on the separate machine is not coming up throwing error below.

execlineb: fatal: unable to open /init for reading: Permission denied

Any clue?

execute from root path with below command
sudo -s

I have restarted the machine and it disappeared. Thanks for ur help.

what’s disappeared ?

Issue is fixed after restart. Thank you