Jibri do not record a webcam video


I update to latest version of a jisti and jibri and have some issue.

When I try to record a video, as a result I see a mp4 file with sound but without video from a camera. Only caps letter in a circle with reaction on audio.
But if I start sharing a screen it worked and show me my desktop.

My system is:
Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

dpkg -l | grep jitsi
ii  jitsi-meet                            2.0.8252-1                              all          WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii  jitsi-meet-prosody                    1.0.6943-1                              all          Prosody configuration for Jitsi Meet
ii  jitsi-meet-tokens                     1.0.6943-1                              all          Prosody token authentication plugin for Jitsi Meet
ii  jitsi-meet-web                        1.0.6943-1                              all          WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii  jitsi-meet-web-config                 1.0.6943-1                              all          Configuration for web serving of Jitsi Meet
ii  jitsi-videobridge2                    2.2-69-gad606ca2-1                      all          WebRTC compatible Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)
ii  lua-basexx                            0.4.1-jitsi1                            all          baseXX encoding/decoding library for Lua
ii  lua-cjson:amd64                                      amd64        JSON parser/encoder for Lua

dpkg -l | grep jibri
ii  jibri                                 8.0-140-gccc7278-1                      all          Jibri

dpkg -l | grep chrome
ii  google-chrome-stable                  109.0.5414.119-1                        amd64        The web browser from Google

Starting ChromeDriver 109.0.5414.74 (e7c5703604daa9cc128ccf5a5d3e993513758913-refs/branch-heads/5414@{#1172}) on port 9515

Any additional info needed?

You may have a signaling issue. Is there a bridge error in the browser console?

You didn’t configure startAudioOnly in your config.js, right?

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startAudioOnly: true

That is fix my issue.
Thank you!