Jibri configuration

I made a jibri instance and add to jitsi meet and its working now, but how can i make jibri for multiple or more than one rooms. now i can’t make streaming or recording while its on use for one room.

Can anyone please explain how to do it

Hello. For multiple rooms with recording and streaming you’ll need the same number of jibri instances.

means that i need to add another jibri server for another room

so i need number of room = number of jibri servers, am i right

Exactly. That’s the way it works.

number of room = number of jibri instance

It is possible to run multiple instances on a server if there are enough resources.

Yes, it’s possible to run multiple instances of jibri in one server.

can u please explain how its possible to run multiple rooms in a single jibri server

It’s needed to install containerized Jibri instances using Docker or LXC.

Self-Hosting Guide - Docker
Easy way to create a Jitsi cluster

can we done it in aws (jibri)


i mean multiple rooms in one aws jibri instance

You can create a system which have multiple Jibri instances on one AWS server. Each Jibri instance can record/stream for one room.