Jibri config for several Recorders and Busy problem

Hello Jitsi team and community!

What is a correct way to configure JIBRI to handle video recording of two or more meetings going at the same time?

We have Jibri installed and configured, and it works fine for 1 conference. The problem appears when have simultaneous meetings. There is no way to record video in conference1 or 2, Jitsi fails with error “All Recorders are currently busy”. Moreover, Jibri could not restart recording in case of any fail with previous recorder.

Can you please help us with correct Jibri.config for parallel recording?
Many thanks!

Each jibri instance can only record one conference at a time. To support simultaneous recording of multiple conferences you need to deploy multiple jibri instances.

That was the question - how to do this with Jibri?

Same as deploying two or more of any software, just set up a second server and install Jibri on it (or run another Jibri on the same server if you have enough resources).

There is no such thing as “a correct Jibri config for parallel recording”, because Jibri can only record one conference at a time.

I think maybe the question @erocketa is trying to ask is how to configure those multiple instances (correct me if I’m wrong). To answer, if you have multiple Jibri instances, just make sure each one has a unique nickname in its jibri.conf, everything else stays the same.

We are trying to do recording stuff on 1 machine. Could it be solved with Docker? Unfortunately, there is no guide for that scenario. And any help with config example is welcome.

This doc may be helpful.

It creates an additional jibri instance for each extra 4 cores.