Jibri change Recording Window


we are currently setting up a learning platform with Jitsi embeded via iFrame. We also got JWT setup and are connected to the XMPP websocket to call room actions etc. Everything works fine.
We now got Jibri running, when we start a recording it will record ourjitsi.com/ourroom?jwt={jwttoken}, of course. But we are running the learning platform under webconferencing .ourroom.com/ourroom?token={jwttoken}. So the question is if it is possible to get Jibri recording that window instead of the other one.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe it will work with some hack on jibri. jibri should open chrome using your-main-site.com/room as the link instead of the jitsi link

Thanks. But how? xD This is what I try to figure out rn