Jibri change port 5222 to another

port 5222 uses different software on my system, how can I change the port to work jibri?
for example, on port 5123

Jibri don’t need a port to listen

but for the recording server you need port 5222 (myjitsi.domain.com:5222), and it is busy with other software

AFAIK, Public TCP/5222 is only needed by Jitsi if you have an additional videobridge

thanks for your reply. then what ports should be available for jibri and recording service?

If your clients can communicate with each other, everything is fine for Jibri too. Because Jibri is only a headless client

how about that?

you know how i can do it?

Hello @grgorianaleksandr,

I knew this issue wrong. I tested and I saw that Jibri tries to connect to TCP/5222. Prosody listens to this port.

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