Jibri cannot start Live Stream with built jar


Before Jitsi Videobridge 2, I could build the Jibri jar file and replace it to live stream in 1080p instead of the default 720p.

But now with Jitsi Video Bridge 2, I cannot live start Live Stream with the new built jar file.

It throws an error - Live Streaming has stopped.

I am following the same process as before with which I was steaming in 1080p before Video Bridge 2(VB2). But not now VB2.

Please suggest if something has changed with VB2 and where do I have to make other changes.


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I donā€™t know about the method you used but this can be configured in the config.js file, look under the Video Section :


    // Sets the preferred resolution (height) for local video. Defaults to 720.
    // resolution: 720,

    // w3c spec-compliant video constraints to use for video capture. Currently
    // used by browsers that return true from lib-jitsi-meet's
    // util#browser#usesNewGumFlow. The constraints are independent from
    // this config's resolution value. Defaults to requesting an ideal
    // resolution of 720p.
    // constraints: {
    //     video: {
    //         height: {
    //             ideal: 720,
    //             max: 720,
    //             min: 240
    //         }
    //     }
    // },

The procedure I followed:

ā€¢ Clone the Jibri code from Github.
ā€¢ Edit the line: https://github.com/jitsi/jibri/blob/7d5be64990fd010e8ea2fe39ebc182b35c54e282/src/main/kotlin/org/jitsi/jibri/capture/ffmpeg/FfmpegCapturer.kt#L41 3
ā€¢ Go to the Jibri source root dir (where pom.xml is located) and run mvn clean package.
ā€¢ A jar file called jibri-8.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar is created in target directory.
ā€¢ Rename this jar file as jibri.rar and replace this jar in /opt/jitsi/jibri on the server where Jibri is installed.
ā€¢ Edit (comment 720 and uncomment 1080) the xorg file located in /etc/jitsi/jibri - https://github.com/jitsi/jibri/blob/master/resources/debian-package/etc/jitsi/jibri/xorg-video-dummy.conf#L125
ā€¢ Restart Jibri

I used the same process before Video Bridge 2 which was working fine.

Please include Jibri logs

I will attach.