Jibri can save video recording to OBS on Huawei cloud?

It possible to save video recording to OBS on Huawei cloud ?

and Anyone try to use OBS on Huawei and success ?

Please help


What do you mean? OBS as in the streaming software?

I want to save video recording file on OBS (Object Storage Service_OBS-HUAWEI CLOUD) like AWS S3

when user record video and stop , video file will save on Bucket.

Ooooh sorry, thought you meant the Open Broadcasting Software.
Well, to save to that location, you’d need to write a finalize script that’d process the mp4 file creating from the recording. You can probably use Rclone. I suggest researching that.

Thanks @Freddie

I will find the solution , Our company start to use Huawei cloud to keep the video recording file. it new for me.

But if you have another way please reply me back