Jibri?Can I record multiple conference content with it at a time?


Hello! Jitsi fans!
I’m going to make a A/V conference system using jitsi and I need to record A/V for each conference room. But I’ve found, it seems like only can record a conference at a time(using jibri). So how can I record contents for all rooms at a time? Is it impossible?
Looking forward to your kind reply.


You just, need multiple jibri instances.


Thanks for you reply.
So it means that I need to add multi physical servers?


You can always use virtualization, this is how all meet.jit.si is currently deployed.


Do you have any ready-made Dockerfile or any other utility script that I can use for automatic launching & killing jibri instances (instance pool management)?


Not yet, but there is a PR for it: https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet/pull/54


I’ll research it. Thanks.