Jibri autoscaling issue with nickname

Whenever started recording session from Jitsi, it’s not allowing to record new session as at a time jibri is allowing to record one session only. Then I have created two jibri instances ( installed Jitsi + jibri on 1st instance and installed only jibri on 2nd instance ). However still it’s not allowed to record 2 sessions at a time, later I modified “/etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json” with two different nick names under control_muc section in each aws instance then it allowed to record 2 sessions at a time.

Here my concern is, i’m trying to implement autoscale in aws for jibri service, when ever new instance launched it will be updated with same nickname which will be causing to not allow the record untill we change nickname in new instance.

Is there any way to handle this issue with out modifying any file when I launch the new instance deployed from jibri configured AMI part of autoscaling?
other query , is there any way to handle multiple sessions with single jibri instance ? if it is not the case, then 100 recording sessions required 100 jibri instance ?

“control_muc”: {
“domain”: “internal.auth.xmpp.domain”,
“room_name”: “JibriBrewery”,
“nickname”: “jibri-nickname”

I’m looking for a script now.
To enter this code

NICKNAME =`uuidgen`
sed -i "s / \ (\" nickname \ ": \). * \ $ / \ 1 \"$ {NICKNAME} \ "/"/etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json

I entered the code in “/opt/jitsi/jibri/launch.sh”.
But it doesn’t work.

So I entered the code in /etc/init.d.
But it doesn’t work.

I couldn’t solve it


If you need help then i can provide it.

Please, message me in private inbox.


i solved that.

made shell script ‘launch_pre.sh’

and i entered code to service script(/etc/systemd/system/jibri.service)


Can you please share the content of the shell script launch_pre.sh? above mention one is not working.