Jibri Auto Scaling with AWS

Hi @damencho, Sorry to bother you.
Need one help, I am trying to autoscale jibri using aws autoscaling policy. Is there any guidance that can point me in the right direction about how to auto scale jibri properly ??

There are a lot of different details in implementing autoscaling. It depends on where you do your checks - in the instances, on the cloud, or a combination of both.

For example a preferred way for me is to scale out based on a jibri availability cloudfront metric that is being reported by the instances themselves and to scale in from within the instances, with an extra check of the desired size. So it’s a hybrid approach in both directions.

You can also have everything based on scripts in the instances, but it kinda beats the purpose of having cloud tools. And you can have everything on the cloud, then you have to check the idle/busy status and the health of the jibris from the cloud.

So there are a lot of different ways, maybe if you tell us what are the issues you are facing we can help you with some guidance and ideas.