Jibri - Authenticating if a room has a password added by moderator

Another quick Jibri question:

If i am moderator and add a password to a room then it seems jibri cannot ‘join’ the muc. If i clear the password Jibri starts working again.

Is there a way to allow jibri to join a room even if there is a room password?

@damencho should special authenticated users (i.e. the ‘bots’) should be able to bypass the meeting password?

Nope, this is very easy achievable with a prosody module. Basically whitelisting jids that can join without password.
On ‘muc-occupant-pre-join’ event you can get the join stanza and add to it the password that is set to the room and this in case the jid of the user is a predefined one.

Awesome - Ill give that a go tonight :slight_smile:

Thanks folks

To be honest i couldn’t get that to work - looks like i need to write a lua module to handle that which is a little beyond my time at the moment.

Feel free to close for now - ill come back again if it becomes more pressing.