Jibri All streamers are busy error while streaming to multiple platfroms

I’m using the custom script here to stream on multiple platforms using nginx proxy.


  1. C4.4xlarge Ec2 instance (16core CPU)
  2. Jitsi+Jibri+Nginx+Prosody+Jicofo all on the same instance

When I start streaming I get an error “All streamers are busy”, but the stream starts on youtube, facebook and wowza. (Attached logs)
ffmpeg.0.txt (111.9 KB)
jicofo.log.txt (27.7 KB)
log.0.txt (18.4 KB)
log.1.txt (3.0 KB)

Not sure if this is relevant but I restart the services in this order before starting to stream:

systemctl restart jibri && systemctl restart jibri-xorg.service && systemctl restart nginx && systemctl restart stunnel4.service

The behaviour is very random. In some cases I get a stream only on Facebook and Youtube but not on wowza.

Why do you use a custom script? Jibri can stream to your local RTMP server without using any custom script.

systemctl stop jibri-xorg.service
systemctl restart stunnel4.service
systemctl restart nginx.service
systemctl restart jibri.service

I want to stream to all of them simultaneously

IIUC jibri streams only to the stream server (Nginx with RTMP module in your case) and the stream server distributes the stream to multiple destinations. If so, you don’t need a custom script

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How would jibri know to send the stream to nginx? The nginx server is listening on port 1935 but jibri has to send the stream there.

The new jibri can get the full RTMP link as a stream destination.

I think I’m missing something. Can you please help with what would be the format of this link? I want jibri to point to nginx so that if can send the stream to facebook, youtube, wowza and record all at same time.


I tried removing the script but still getting the same issue. “All streamers are busy”.
Also, this only happens the first time I try streaming on a machine.
It is sending the steam to all platforms but giving the error message that all streamers are busy.