Jibri - 1080p Recording possible?

Asking this anew to hopefully get some direct answers/directions.

Has anyone been able to get 1080p recording to work on Jibri? I made the necessary changes in FfmpegCapturer.kt (set val resolution: String = “1920x1080”) and xorg-video-dummy.conf (commented out “Virtual 1280 720” and uncommented “Virtual 1920 1080”), but no luck. :confused:

Is there anything else driving Jibri resolution that I need to change?

I didn’t try the 1080p recording before but these are my suggestions:

  • Check the running ffmpeg process while recording.
ps auxww | grep ffmpeg
  • Check the recorded file
ffmpeg -i recorded-file.mp4 2>&1 | grep -i stream
  • Check the xorg log
grep Virtual /var/log/jitsi/jibri/xorg.log

Thanks @emrah. Problem is, the value doesn’t even get parsed at all. In fact, once changed, Jibri doesn’t work. I don’t understand why. :thinking:

How do you restart the services?

systemctl stop jibri-xorg.service
systemctl start jibri.service

Could you try to change only the xorg params and restart again?

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Awesome! Restarting xorg was the missing bit! Without changing the jar, it captured only a portion of the screen (720p dimensions, but 1080p resolution), but once I changed the jar to 1080p, it got the full dimensions too. Thanks so much, buddy!

Tip: how to customize ffmpeg without changing Jibri’s code

Did you ever try using H265 codec to record in Jibri? It’s supposed to be more efficient.