Jetty launched by jicofo listens on ::::8888 instead of localhost

the Jetty launched by jicofo listens on all IPs instead of localhost:8888. According to Jitsi listens on all public address on my server that port shouldn’t be exposed at all. How can i tell that jetty to listen on localhost?

Thank for help

somebody a idea?

For now I’d suggest using e.g. nftables to deny non-local access to that port. At least that’s what I did.

Well yes that is possible to do but i don’t want to install a firewall just because nobody knows the name of the config variable for it. I mean the devs of jitsi meet managed to make this to listen on every address, while the default is to listen on no address. So they should be able to tell me the name of the config variable to make it listen on localhost :wink:

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Boris, thanks for your help with this, what file is edited to set this value?

i’d also like to know if we could use a $JETTY_HOME/etc/jetty.xml instead, but I am not sure where $JETTY_HOME is from the perspective of a jitsi + ubuntu + apache2 installation

The file I did set it in is /etc/jitsi/jicofo/

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