Hey folks,

There it is, it's happening! is moving to Kenai and it is now
our turn. Starting tomorrow you should expect a few days with no
commits, no new builds and, as far as I understand, no mailing lists
either. Then everything should be back to normal. and the downloads will continue to be accessible
though. We'll make sure we update all links on that point to
locations on the old site such as the svn repos, mailing lists
and issue tracker. We'll do this after the migration cause right now we
are not sure how things would look so developers should expect some
commotion even after migration has completed.


-------- Оригинално писмо --------
Тема: migration
Дата: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 15:51:31 -0800
От: Sonya Barry <sonya.barry@...>
До: undisclosed-recipients:;


You're receiving this email because you are listed as an owner of one of
the projects slated to move from the old site to the new site
starting at 5am PST on January 19, 2011. The complete list of projects
included in this wave is below. I apologize for the extremely late
notice of this action. We had hoped to give you at least a week notice
but CollabNet took that time to respond to our request for this work to
be delivered and we cannot delay this from our end any longer.

In order to decrease the total downtime for all projects involved in the
migration, we have made a slight change in plans. We will be leaving
email list archives and uploaded documents on the old site in a
read-only state for a few weeks. This will allow us to spend all our
time getting everyone's repositories, mailing lists, and issue trackers
set up as quickly as possible. Documents and email archives will be
imported in early, and redirects will be put in place at that time.
Note that you will be able to use your mailing lists and upload new
documents immediately when the project goes live on the new site.

Here's a general timeline for what you should expect:

January 19, 2011 at 5am, PST - CollabNet will begin locking down
projects on From the time you receive the lock notification
you will be unable to make any updates to a * page or
features related to your project, and mailing list aliases will be dark.

January 21, 2011 - The Kenai team will begin receiving the first data
from CollabNet, doing CVS to SVN conversions, and importing it to the
site. We will do a general confirmation that your project features are
in place, and that public/private bits are set appropriately. As
projects go online on the new site you will be notified of their
availability, and will be able to use your repositories, mailing lists,
and issue tracker immediately.

February 2011- mailing list archives will be backfilled on the new
site, documents will be copied over to the new site, and redirects from
your old project pages will be put in place.

Suggested actions prior to January 19:

1. Update the owner's message on your project with a link to your new
homepage URL on the new site (<projectname>) so users
can find your content easily until the redirects are placed. You can
do this by logging in to the old site and going to your project's edit
page (https://<projectname> and
adding a note in the owner's message box at the bottom.

2. Send an email to any active mailing lists notifying users that they
will be down while the data is moving and that you will send a test
message again when the project is up and running.

Thanks for your patience while we go through this process, and please
let me know if you have any questions along the way.

Sonya Barry Community Manager