JaaS: the Team that Builds Jitsi Can Now Also Run it for You!

The Jitsi team at 8×8 are proud to announce the brand new and awesome Jitsi as a Service: world’s easiest way to embed video meetings in your apps and websites! All the power of Jitsi and none of the hassle of running it. Check out JaaS now!

Checkout the full post on our blog: JaaS: the Team that Builds Jitsi Can Now Also Run it for You! - Jitsi

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This is interesting, @saghul. Thanks for the notice. Does JaaS support recording, live streaming, and whiteboard?

Everything without the whiteboard.

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Hello @damencho @saghul How do you managing the deep customization at jibri Level? Is there any configuration that needs to be enabled at Jibri level to capture the background image and logo?
I guess you guys also using multi-tenant feature to allow the user to set the background image and logo for their meetings.

I have signed up with JaaS and would love to use it instead of running own server.
However there are following issues being faced, would appreciate if there is a solution,

  1. Chat recording ( with my own server I use custom prosody module to record chats)
  2. Permission on jitsi-meet folder to add some custom CSS or some custom JavaScript ( if permission can not be granted at least ability to add custom CSS and custom js files).
  3. All my users are in Thailand , do JaaS has severs in Asia?
    Thanks in advance.

The JaaS admin console has some extra branding customizations that Jibri will also use.

We currently don’t provide this capability.

This is not the approach we are taking right now. You can customize the looks from the JaaS admin console, and we are working on expanding the customizability. What use case do you have for those JS files?

Yes we do!

Hope that helps.