Jaas support sucks

I signed up for jaas, but having trouble getting support. All my queries go unanswered.

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Would always recomend you just get a server PC from online and HIre someone like me to set it up

@premy What are the questions? Maybe we can help here.

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Hey @premy . Sorry to hear about that! Let’s fix it! How can we help?

Also, would you mind telling us where you submitted your support queries so that we also fix this?

Thank u guys for trying to help out. @emcho I submitted my queries through the Feedback button on the jaas panel. For now I’m facing 1 issue and 1 doubt. The issue is I tried to enable localization in the test iFrame (copied from my jaas panel) by adding configOverwrite in the js as follows:
const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(“8x8.vc”, {
roomName: “vpaas-magic-cookie-db9212b2b5784cd6a65ed3xxxxxxxx”,
parentNode: document.querySelector(’#jaas-container’),
jwt: hdnToken.value,
configOverwrite: {
defaultLanguage: ‘ptBR’,
and it does not work.

And my doubt: I would like to know how to manage different clients, because as a dev I plan to offer the service to different clients (mostly small local support-courses for students, like math-course, physics-course etc.), but as each of these clients would want their own brand and site displayed during the meeting, I do not know how to achieve this, since the Jaas Panel will only let me brand 1 business.

@Derek_Owumi Well I already have a vps set up at vultr. Thing is, for a decent connection for 40/50 participants you need to contract a lot of cpu power, which costs a lot. Then to record, I have to get yet another server. And multiply all this for ever client I want to offer video conferencing to, it’s just not feasible. This private server thing is just suitable for a trivial app. That’s why I really got excited by jaas, cause it solves a lot of problems at a managable cost.

Have you tried that in incognito? There is a known problem with changing default languages, which for clients will not be a problem cause you will set them the default language once, like in incognito.

@damencho Same thing in incognito: still loads in english

On this part: we will add this functionality in the future. For now we suggest that you simply position a custom logo on top of the iframe from within your code. There is no logo by default on JaaS accounts (contrary to 8x8 and meet.jit.si) so this should work.

That is strange … I just tested the iframeAPi with

               configOverwrite: {
                    defaultLanguage: 'ptBR'

and it works. There are just some strings missing in the translation.

Beats me. Maybe it’s a localhost issue (tried it on localhost so far). Will load it to a server to see how it fares. Will keep you posted. Thanks.

Well I uploaded the test sample page from the jaas panel to my server, (just copy pasted and added and added configOverwrite: { defaultLanguage: ‘ptBR’ },) but it still loads in english. Tried with ‘fr’ and ‘es’ also, just to see, but the result is the same. Tried with chrome and firefox. Also tried with edge, but that choked and spew up lots of errors like:

  1. SCRIPT1028: SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or number
    app.bundle.min.js (240,898340)
  2. SCRIPT5009: SCRIPT5009: ‘jQuery’ is not defined

Man, I really need this to get solved, for without proper translation, the whole thing becomes useless for our local users who just have some rudimentary knowledge of english.