JaaS pricing

Is pricing on JaaS still up to date? (https://jaas.8x8.vc/#/pricing)
I’ve been getting some mixed information about this being outdated pricing and that pricing is now based on “unique users hosting a video room”, which is apparently $8. Which is true? (I feel like this pricing might be for 8x8 solution and not JaaS)

On a related note, if I understand correctly MAU is defined as a unique user that is in a call with at least one other user. So basically if one user attends 10 meetings a month, that is still only 1 MAU?

Hi, @izakgl JaaS is for company/people that want to integrate the meeting experience on their web/software … but there is also 8x8 Pro (https://8x8.vc/) where you can subscribe and be the moderator of your meeting but the price is per month and not 8$ …
I think you are mixing both.

I understand there’s a separate service yes. So the JaaS pricing is correct and MAU means one user no matter how many calls they make correct?

Yes. The prices on the page are correct.