JaaS - Max Occupant and Call-in Audio

I am currently hosting our own Jitsi servers with autoscaling and I have been considering using JaaS as the maintenance of Jitsi can be a lot and its not cheap to run the servers. The big issue I have is I am not sure if JaaS can do everything I want. I believe most of it is straight forward but was curious with JaaS if there is anyway to set the Max Occupants for a meeting. We have a lua script that sets it based on the JWT value and would love to keep this functionality and can I use my own dial-in number and change the Auto Attendant Audio for call in?

I’m pretty sure JaaS can handle all this. The JaaS team will gladly work with you to get all these features ported to your JaaS instance, particularly since you already have them running.

Freddie, Do you know who the best person to contact on this would be?

I think you can contact the JaaS team here - https://jaas.8x8.vc/contact-us.html