JAAS MAU needs more clarity

We are planning to go with JAAS but there are couple of questions which need answer. I tried to contact sales and waited for long time but there is not reply form them.

(a) Does JAAS allow us to use our own frontend developed using lib-jitsi?
(b) If yes then how MAU will be counted?
(c) We are an educational company where students will subscribe for 1-2 days, in that case how JAAS will count MAU?
(d) If a user is getting login everyday throughout of the month, then I hope it will be counted a single MAU.
(e) How exactly do you define end point to count MAU?

if someone has any idea about it then kindly help.

Yes, you are welcome to use the low level lib-jitsi-meet library.

It’s counted the same way as if you were using the iframe API: a device ID is stored in local storage. See also: FAQ

As long as they don’t change devices, each of them would be 1 MAU.


We store a device ID in the device’s local storage.

You are welcome to direct further inquiries to vpaas@8x8.com

Hope that help!


Thanks you sir for your reply.