JaaS: is it possible to use another livestream provider (no youtube)?

Is there any chance to use an own RTMP server for livestreaming instead of youtube? I know it is possible for self-deployments, but is there any solution for JaaS?

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Yes, it is. That’s the beauty of Jaas - all the customizations, by the trusted hands and minds that built Jitsi. Can’t get any better than that. :smiley:

ok and do you let me know how? :smiley:

Do you already have a Jaas subscription?

Yes! Just contact me via email for further details. I sent you my mail via PM

Hi @Freddie , could you tell me how to stream to another provider than Youtube please? We are using Jass subscription.

HI @Michael_Dudek. You can just paste the full RTMP URL in the live streaming dialog.

Hi @saghul , I have two parameters ‘RTMP url’ and ‘key’. There is only one field in the dialog, how to use it?

Just found it. I have typed url/key in the field and it works! Thanks for help.

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Glad you got it working!