JaaS help needed

I have signed with JaaS and would love to use it instead of running own server.
However there are following issues being faced, would appreciate if there is a solution,

  1. Chat recording ( with my own server I use custom prosody module to record chats)
  2. Permission on jitsi-meet folder to add some custom CSS or some custom JavaScript ( if permission can not be granted at least ability to add custom CSS and custom js files).
  3. All my users are in Thailand , do JaaS has severs in Asia?
    Thanks in advance.

There is already way to change background, logo and we are working on adding more css that can be overriden. What exactly do you need?

Yep there are in the ap aws region.

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There is a webhook for that, I think it is called CHAT_UPLOADED.

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Apart from custom css and modifying all.css, Some of other customizations using JavaScript I use are;

  1. Disable keyboard shortcuts using javascript APP.keyboardshortcut.enable(false);
  2. Based on domain referrer of participants , I control UI for them injecting custom css and some other custom javascripts.
    If there is away to add access to jitisi-meet folder will be helpful for other customizations.

That is not possible and will not be possible and in the future. Everything should be controlled through the API, that’s why I was asking what are the features needed?

You can do that by adding a config overwrite: disableShortcuts


thanks, I did not realize this option is already added.

basically using domain referrer, I hide non video participants from normal users, but moderators see all of them. (Actually requirement is normal users can only see moderators.)
Other is enabling and disabling their mic & video buttons ( I think this feature is already in process)

I need a way to add more user information like their company, Designation. Is there currently any way to do it?

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Please do not hijack random threads on a different subject. Give more details about what do you need, maybe an example will help us understand that and can help you better.