IVR Jigasi

Can you customize the audio or any audio that contains Jigasi?

I followed the steps of the blog:

After dialing to the conference room on 01800 123 1234, when it asks for the PIN to access the conference, it starts an audio in English … etc …

Then the question arose if I want to personalize those audios in English and put them in Spanish or customize my own and upload it.

Can this be done on the Jigasi server side?

If it is possible? is there any path


The IVR voice recordings would be handled by your PBX. If you’re using FreePBX as in the noted tutorial, alternate language sound files are located in:


you can download and add languages if your desired language isn’t already installed. Once your sound files are identified, you can add or change the sound file names in the IVR dial plan.

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thks Craig