I've some probleme with the installation


i just install Jitsi on my server but when someone start a visioconference, he get permanently disconnect.
If someone have any ideas about this problem.


Open the javascript console, what is the error you see? Is it about focus not available? If yes, check you /var/log/jitsi/jicofo.log?
What is the OS version, how did you install?


Ty for your fast response.

here, my java’s console when i get disconnect:

I’m working on a Debian 9.4.0.
I followed this tutorial for the installation, i used my own SSL certificat (wildcard) and i’m on apache2 :

ty for your time.


and this is the screenshot about my jicofo.log:


Apparently your prosody server is not listening on port 5347 on localhost. You need to check that.
What is the output of netstat -anp | grep lua?


Here’s the screenshot about the netstat -anp | grep lua :


That is strange as prosody is listening on port 5347, when checking jicofo log, was that the end of it? It may happen that it tried to connect before prosody got started but it retires and will reconnect.


There is a reload in your console logs, now I saw it.
Seems bosh cannot connect. What is your bosh config in the config.js?
Can you open your bosh connection url? It should be like and the response should be like https://meet.jit.si/http-bind


i can’t open my bosh connection url and there’s my config.js :


What is the error you see when trying to open the bosh connection url?


  1. You need to try https, what is the result there?
  2. This is apache2 error page, not nginx which is what you had installed (according the link you pasted). So I suppose nginx is configured to serve jitsi-meet but it is not running, or at least not on port 80.


no sry i didn’t followed the tutorial for this part i installed apache2 and not nginx


So there is a problem with your apache config, check it.


Ty for your help i just reinstall my apache server and now everything is OK.

TY for your time.