Item-not-found error

When “item-not-found” error occurs in client?
What about “conference.iceFailed”?
Sometimes, we face lots of errors like these ones.
Anyone has any idea?

Yes we are encountering the same issues.
Sometimes a conf with 3 participants work fine. Sometimes they don’t and we have black screens with the errors : “item not found” or “ICE FAILED”.
It’s weird since we didn’t do any modifications. It gave us the impression that the system is unstable.
Does anyone have an idea. Is it because of the stun server configured by default or something else ?

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STUN server is used in P2P conferences, not in conferences with more than 2 participant.

yes i know that, it’s just that i completely lost. jitsi functions fine sometimes which means that the JVB conf is fine but doesn’t work in others.

Please read

In this conversation, we have talked about Prosody instability.