It seems that is protected, stopping me from adding the repo (403)

It seems that the is protected, as I cannot add the repo.

  1. 403 error when trying to download the gpg key
  2. 403 error when trying to update after adding the repo

I’m following the instructions from the self-hosting guide.

When I check what curl or wget receives, it seems the site asks for captcha, which is bit of a problem. This is from a VPS, which comes from a Hetzner IP address (which might be a problem).

The URLs open without a problem from my home IP address.

Any advise?

Ok. This is confirmed. I used a VPN tunnel to hide my IP, and had no issues.

Any possibility to whitelist my IP?

I can use the APT line from a Hetzner machine. My guess is that you are using an IP which was a TOR node in the past. I would try changing the machine IP or maybe using another machine as APT proxy (with apt-cacher-ng).

Right. I did not do due diligence properly and landed to a Hetzner reseller.

Hetzner doesn’t have a good reputation dealing with the crooks. For me this is not really a cost issue, so since Docker setup worked in the end, I’ll probably switch to another provider to avoid the burned IP address issues. Easy enough.

Thanks for the feedback!

We were fronting this service with CloudFlare which was also doing this to “dangerous” IPs. We have moved back to direct service, and hopefully this resolves the issue for you as well. Please let us know if you’re still having this problem on